Trunki launches bespoke design tool

October 2014

BGF portfolio company Trunki, the market leaders in the world of children’s travel, have launched a very bespoke service to little travellers across the UK!

Exclusively on, globe-trotting tots can hop online and totally bespoke their very own ride-on suitcase. With 9 different parts and 10 different colours ways their ‘made for me’ Trunki will be awash with a rainbow of colour and will definitely create Trunki envy from onlookers.

Children can mix it up ‘Van Gogh’ style with red coloured wheels, purple hubs, pink horns, black trim and green catches, even the fabric straps and handles come with alternative colour options.

Trunkis are made from the same lightweight durable plastic as adult suitcases and is tested to the extreme, ensuring it can take all the wear and tear from any travelling tot. As with all Trunki suitcases the ‘made for me’ Trunki comes with a free five year guarantee.

Best of British - All ‘made for me’ Trunki suitcases will be manufactured in Trunki’s UK factory. Customers can order safe in the knowledge that when their creation arrives it will be air mile free, so all that’s left for them and their family to do is start clocking up their very own Trunki air miles as they hop around the globe!