Formerly a subsidiary company of fellow BGF portfolio business Magma Global, M-Flow Technologies is a flow metering technology business operating in the upstream Oil and Gas sector.

Based in Abingdon, M-Flow is positioning itself as a leading provider of next-generation water-cut metering technology. The Company will enable oil and gas producers to reduce operating costs and improve asset performance across the life cycle.

M-Flow have installed their first meters into oil fields internationally and are working with global major oil companies and smaller independent companies to develop a market position.

M-Flow produces an innovative range of advanced full bore meters that provide accurate, real-time data on the oil, gas and water content in flow lines, with no impact on production integrity and flow.

M-Flow has exclusive access to the composite manufacturing technology developed by partner Magma Global specifically for demanding oil field environments. This technology enables the embedding of metering technology in pipe walls without impacting on mechanical integrity or compromising sensitive components during manufacture. M-Flow now works closely with Magma harnessing unmatched experience and knowledge in the mechanical design of complex composite structures to deliver high pressure, monolithic, ‘smart’ piping spools at the heart of Sure-Cut meters.

BGF is an investor in M-Flow alongside Kern Energy Partners, a Canadian specialist energy investor; and NES, a Danish venture capital investor which is focused on New Energy Solutions and Strategic Industrial Capital Partners LLP.