BGF Finance Directors Day

More than 60 Finance Directors met at BGF’s annual Finance Day to gain insight from one another and share their experiences of working at small and mid-sized companies in Britain.

The agenda, which was driven by the attendees, featured sessions on sales pipeline tracking and measurement, cyber security, the finer details of cash management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) in the cloud. Guest speakers included Darren Bryant, CFO of Card Factory, who spoke about the use of effective management information in business and Steve Halbert, Chairman of NAHL Group, Safestyle UK plc and United House.

BGF’s Finance Director Matt Reed and Simon Calver, a partner at BGF Ventures, joined James Davis, the former CFO of uSwitch and Trevor Williams, Lloyds Bank Chief Economist in a discussion about the macro and micro-economic issues for growing businesses.

This is the third annual Finance Directors day hosted by BGF. The event forms part of our commitment to provide the businesses we back with access to more than money by way of connections and support. With more than 100 businesses across the UK now receiving investment from BGF, we are building a community of growing companies that are looking to each other for insight and guidance across the many different functions of a business.

You can read more about our annual Portfolio Day – a gathering of CEOs and Chairman, here.

If you are an experienced Finance Director interested in working with BGF investee companies, please contact Naomi Fieldus.