A blueprint for the modern manufacturer

Five thoughts for Britain's modern manufacturers from BGF's Mark Bryant

1. Continue to innovate and don't be afraid to take a long-term view of investment in technology

2. Don't just respond to customers’ needs: pre-empt them. The best manufacturers move up the value chain, selling experience, know-how and first class design as well as products to their customers

3. Look beyond your home turf for real growth opportunities – low levels of domestic growth may not give your business the head start it needs. Real opportunity comes from moving into new markets, not just in the EU but also into fast-growing economies across the rest of the world

4. Attract and maintain talent – the recruitment of skilled employees is a continual challenge to the sector and it falls to businesses to mentor the next generation

5. Make no apology for ambition. Conservatism may not be the way to build business success. Now is the time for businesses to invest in their future